3 kinds of people in Marriage

3 kinds of people in Marriage

3 kinds of people in Marriage

There’s a married man that always ask me for money. After giving him money on several occasions, i realised that he is just being lazy and comfortable with begging.

I have advised him to pick up a job, irrespective of the pay for his family’s sake. Atleast he should start from somewhere.

The truth is someone earning N50k monthly and working hard to earn more is better than someone hoping to earn N400k sitting at home and doing nothing.

When i see a young family, where the husband and the wife is not working and both are cool about it or depends on other people to take care of them, that means the foundation of their marriage is not okay.

It is so unfortunate that many intending couples only focus on wedding without discussing some important aspect of marriage.

Wedding is just one day but your expenses in Marriage is continuous.

You need to talk about money and attend seminars before marriage.

Dear sister don’t be moved when a brother says to you, “I am going somewhere and I have a big vision. Many ladies have been deceived with this statement.

You will know a man that is going somewhere by action not words. Yes I know he has a big vision but if he is not working or doing anything about it, getting married to such man may not be the best option. The truth is, *Small things achieved is better than big things talked about.*

Show me a man that has a vision and I will show you a man working daily and making progress on his vision no matter how small.

Dear brother never settle for a woman that will not push you to achieve your dreams in life, Some ladies only goal in life is just marriage.

3 kinds of people in Marriage

1. Wrong partner:- these are the kind of people you meet and things suddenly become worse for you, meanwhile you had achieved some progress on your own without their presence in your life. They come into your life and things turn upside down. There are men that usually go home late at night just because they got married to wrong women. Many women are not happy because they got married to wrong men.

2. Don’t care partner :- These are set of people that won’t really give you problems in Marriage. The only issue is that they are okay with your small level. You can marry this kind of people in one room for 50 years and they are okay with it. You can’t have a big vision and share with this kind of people, the truth is they have nothing to add to the vision. All they care about is survival.

3. Vision partner:- These are the kind of people that come into your life and make a difference. These are the kind of women you will marry in self contain apartment and in less than a year you will move into your own built apartment. These are kind of partners that can turn little things in your hands into many. They pray, encourage and push until you fulfil your God given purpose in life.

If you are yet to get married, you still have the opportunity to choose wisely. Don’t choose for where you are now! choose for where you are going in life.

Kehinde John Olagbenjo (kjo)

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